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Mais uma vez se fala da possível renovação de Supernatural

Leiam a pregunta de uma fã relacionada com o destino de Supernatural depois do final da season 5, e a reposta de Matt Roush da TVGuide.

Question: As I always value your opinion, I'd like to get your take on Supernatural. I'm aware you've recently caught up, as have I. I avoided the show for years; I had seen an episode or two from the first season (and not good ones), and so decided that Supernatural wasn't any good. After much insistence from my sister, I watched all the seasons on DVD this past year, and wow. I am so glad I did. While the first couple of seasons were really working the premise out, the show begins to shoot on all cylinders in the 3rd season. And the 4th had some of the best genre I'd seen since Buffy and Angel left the air. Your comparison in your summer review was dead on. This is the only other show I've seen capable of deftly blending hilarity with gut-wrenching drama and outstanding action sequences, not to mention some serious horror. The addition of the angel mythology was sheer brilliance! And what patience the show-runners have; Ruby being evil was a twist two years in the making! They had me completely fooled, and I love when a show throws a twist out that I never saw coming, but that works completely with the characters and narrative (unlike, say, a Heroes twist). How foolish I feel to have missed out on such a superb program just because of TV snobbiness. It has become the program I most look forward to each week, and it delivers excellent entertainment and unforgettable episodes on a regular basis (the rabbit's foot episode, Groundhog Day episode, and ‘30s monster movies episode all come immediately to mind). So when I learned that Eric Kripke had an original five-year plan, I had very mixed feelings. Typically, I think the decision to end a show should be a creative one (ideally), and the worst thing one can do is damage an excellent program by continuing on despite a lack of creative drive. For example, Lost became infinitely better when the team set an end date. On the other hand, I feel as though I've just found Supernatural (my own fault), and I want to continue to watch the Winchesters battle evil for as long as the network will allow! What are your thoughts? Have you heard anything to indicate Kripke has more stories to tell, or is he looking to end things this season for good? Again, I'm not sure which answer I want to hear!—Katelyn

Matt Roush: As far as I know, and leaning on the expertise of our in-house reporter who covers the show very closely, there still isn’t a decision on what will happen after Supernatural wraps this season of the apocalypse. This is what the series has been building up to all along, and we should all be thrilled the show got the chance to go there. Beyond that, Kripke & Co. would probably have to conceive a new story arc so the show wouldn’t go back to being demon-of-the-week (as entertaining as many of those episodes are). If everyone on the show wanted to move forward, I’d be surprised if the CW stood in their way, given the corporate interest Warner Bros. TV has in the franchise. That said, if season 5 ends on a note that gives us a satisfying finish, I’d be OK with letting it bow out gracefully. As long as it’s their call. My decision to get busy and catch up with Supernatural was the best call I made all year.

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