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Entrevista com Sebastien Roché

O actor que fez de Balthazar na season 6, concedeu uma entrevista à revista oficial da série. Quem quiser ler um pequeno extracto da mesma, clique no link seguinte.

O extracto da entrevista começa com o actor a descrever o seu casting para participar na série.

"It was so funny, because I was a bit nervous when I auditioned, so my first run at it I was a bit too fast. At one point [executive producer and director] Robert Singer said, 'I've never said this to an actor, but can you slow it down, please?' [Laughs] Because actors always want to take it slow and take their time... As soon as he said that, I thought, 'Okay, relax.' I wasn't that nervous, but I was going too fast.
Just that one note, that's when you know a good director; he doesn't give you too much direction.
He just tells you to slow it down and it clicks in your brain and you've got it."

How would you describe Balthazar?

"He's very witty. He's kind of a sexy, witty, decadent guy: 'I just had a ménage a... how do you say 12 in French?'
Balthazar's sort of the Anti-Castiel. He's a little naughty. He's not bad, but he's naughty.
Although I'm not sure if he's bad yet. I've yet to see what they do when I come back!"

In the script for the episode Balthazar was described as a 'Mick Jagger' type – was that how you played him?

"I sort of played him like me, I'm kind of rock 'n' roll. Boots and tight jeans and [affects languid British drawl]
'Hello, darling. Cass! How are you?' I didn't want to go [full on] earrings and rock star. Maybe in the next episode, who knows?
I kept him very debonair, a rock 'n' roll James Bond. But we'll see if it worked!"

Do you think Balthazar is a good guy or a bad guy?

"I don't know. It seems like he's taking advantage of his powers. I don't think he's a bad guy – I think he sees an opportunity and takes it. He's much more mercurial than Castiel. He's more of a believer in the beauties of life.
He's an epicurean angel, I'd say; a lover of the good things in life."

Did you get a chance to bond with Misha Collins beforehand? Did he say, 'This is how I play an angel, I don't know what you're going to do...'

"Well, he plays Castiel very seriously. He said, 'I haven't changed in three years. The costume's always the same!' I was like, 'Well, I'm gonna be changing mine!' The costume designer [Diane Widas] on Supernatural said, 'Great, we're gonna find you costumes, we're going to change you every time, it's going to be fun!' She had really good taste, actually. She got me tight jeans, boots... a bit like this [indicates his current outfit]. I'm not wearing leather in [the episode], I'm wearing velvet, this kind of Hugo Boss jacket. With this T-shirt, actually. She saw this T-shirt on me and bought some!"

We can see why they cast you...

"They cast me as me, basically!"

Resumindo, ele disse que ao fazer a audição para o papel foi um pouco apressado ao inicio, ele descreve Baltazar como um tipo malandro, espirituoso, um amante das coisas boas da vida e não o acha um mau tipo, mas que terá que esperar para ver quando voltar. Quando falou com o Misha este disse-lhe que a roupa que usa é sempre a mesma, ao contrário de Sebastién que tem oportunidade de mudar de roupa várias vezes.


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