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Samantha Ferris Blogga sobre Supernatural

Leiam o que a actriz diz sobre o tempo que passou no set de Supernatural e claro spoilers sobre a sua personagem...

On set. Last day of shooting for the episode. Raining like a son of a gun.

Jeez, being from here you'd think I'd be used to it, but after the summer we've had it is amazing that it could go from THAT to THIS. Heavy downpour, 5 inch puddles and sideways wind. And it's dark at 7am. Yuck. 'Black as the inside of a cow" my mother used to say. **if that sounds like a complaint its not, I promise!...I am a lucky gal to be able to do what I do and I never take it for granted. Really**
Jared missed his flight back into town last night so we are shooting around him. On a set that is set up like a town but it's fake storefronts. They used the set for the Watchmen movie. Its amazing, the level of detail they put into it.
The art departments on film sets are really unsung heroes.
Can't tell you anything about the episode but I will say this: it's a doozy. Especially for good ole Ellen.

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Anónimo disse...

Meus desu que o dia 19 nov chegue logo!

bj cau!

Andréa disse...

O pior é que esse episódio é de duas partes. Depois vamos ter de esperar sabe-se lá quantos longuíssimos meses até a segunda parte!! Ai, como sobreviver?